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Mentoring Made Easy

We take care of the business;
You Transform Lives!

Passionate about mentoring programs for young adults but overwhelmed
by the business side? Our Online Mentoring Certification program is here
to help! Watch our “Mentoring Made Easy” video to learn how to
mentor young adults effectively without the hassles of running a business.

The Challenges of Starting a
Life Coaching Business

Life coaching young adults is immensely rewarding, yet managing the business aspects can be
daunting. Our 'Mentor Programs for Young Adults' streamline these operations for you.


Client Acquisition

Finding the right clients can be daunting. It requires targeted marketing and in-depth consultations to select the appropriate mentees.



Promoting your mentoring skills is not easy: Reaching the right audience, managing a website and advertising effectively can be challenging.



Scheduling, managing client relationships, and tracking sessions can be overwhelming.



Secure payment systems, invoice management, and handling financial queries are crucial for business success.

“This is a very complete program.
The support you receive is world class!”

The Advantages of Our ‘Mentoring Made Easy’ Program

Launch a successful mentoring career through our comprehensive program. From expert training to seamless
operations, we cover every aspect for you.


Part-Time Mentoring:

Enjoy a part-time mentoring career that fits into your work or retirement plans.


Total Training

Gain valuable insights from our proven program mentoring young adults with on-demand videos and live mentor practice.


Client Acquisition

Our Mentor Programs efficiently secure long-term clients for your coaching business.


Marketing Support

We handle the marketing, allowing you to focus on what you do best - mentoring.



We manage your schedule based on your availability, coordinating with clients to ensure smooth operations.


Liability Insurance

Our comprehensive errors and omissions insurance shields you from legal risks, ensuring peace of mind.


Billing Services

We manage invoicing and payments, freeing you from hours and hours of financial administration.


Ongoing Support

We provide continuous support, helping you navigate any challenges that arise.

The Benefits of Our
‘Mentoring Made Easy’ Program

We cover everything from your training, to working with us as a mentor,
to fostering a long-term career mentoring young adults.


Real-World Mentorship Training

Build real-world expertise through live mentoring sessions with experienced coaches, receiving direct feedback to refine your mentoring skills and boost your confidence.


Marketing Excellence in Mentoring

Boost your mentorship career with our expert marketing strategies that ensure a continuous influx of clients and enhance your professional reputation.


Empowering Personal Growth

Transform lives through our mentorship program, where you'll witness firsthand the positive impact on your mentees' abilities to overcome challenges.


How Our Program Works

Become the mentor you were meant to be free of the administrative burdens with our comprehensive ‘Mentoring Made Easy’ program. Once you have completed all three modules, we will start getting you the ideal mentees.

Comprehensive Training

You receive on demand video courses based on actual case studies. Live mentor practices give you one-on-one training to master mentoring young adults.


Client Acquisition

We have a constant stream of clients seeking our mentors. We meet with the parents and choose the ideal clients for you based on your live mentor practices.


We handle the marketing, advertising, creating your mentor page, parent interviews, scheduling, billing, payments, and insurance so you can focus on mentoring.


Payment Schedule for Our Mentoring Program

Module 1

Fundamental Issues
and Remedies

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    13 One-Hour
    On-Demand Classes
  • check-circle
    2 Live One-on-One
    Mentor Practices

Areas of Focus

  • Mentoring Young Adults Overview
  • General Anxiety
  • Mind-Based Anxiety
  • School Failures 1
  • Communication Issues
  • Depression 1
  • Depression 2
  • Social Challenges
  • Anger Issues
  • Anger Issues
  • Intro to School and Work
  • Overindulgence's
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Module 2

The Keys to
Mentoring Young Adults

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    12 One-Hour
    On-Demand Classes
  • check-circle
    5 Live One-on-One
    Mentor Practices

Areas of Focus

  • Learning the Fundamentals
  • Mastering Mentee’s Goals
  • Creating Daily Routines
  • Spiels and Mentor Tools
  • Mentoring with Module 1 Issues
  • Working with Your Resident Mentor
  • Chart of Life for Daily Empowerment
  • Putting Out Fires
  • Active Listening & Self-Advocating
  • School and Homework 202
  • Work 202
  • Overindulgences and Daily Routines
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Module 3

Creating a Successful Long-Term Practice

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    12 One-Hour
    On-Demand Classes
  • check-circle
    5 Live One-on-One
    Mentor Practices

Areas of Focus

  • The Keys to a Successful Practice
  • Mentor Methodology - Who Am I?
  • Creating a Lasting Mentee Bond
  • Non-Compliant Clients
  • Parent Mindset and Parent Partners
  • Parent Mentoring
  • Parent Communication
  • Dynamic Communication
  • Creating a Mentoring Team
  • Working with Resident Mentors
  • The Mentor - WWYM Relationship
  • Becoming a Professional Mentor
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Module 4

Bonus Classes for Professional Mentors

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    FREE for MPW Graduates Working with WWYM
  • check-circle
    Ongoing One-Hour
    On-Demand Classes
  • check-circle
    Monthly Live Mentor Rounds with Ken Rabow

Areas of Focus

  • Mentoring Day-to-Day
  • School Accommodations
  • Transitioning Mentees from College
  • Using ChatGPT with Mentees
  • Improving Mentee Relationships
  • How to Avoid Losing Mentees
  • Live Mentor Practice Training
  • War Maps for School Success
  • Your First 8-Week Roadmap
  • Real-Life Mentor Organizing
  • Parent-Mentee Miscommunications
  • Setting Up Your Mentoring Business
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“Live Mentor Practices turn your nerves into confidence, guided by a seasoned mentor coach.”

Your Next Steps to Becoming a Professional Mentor

Our ‘Mentoring Made Easy’ Program begins with Module 1 of the Mentors Professional Workshop Course.
You have two options;

Start Your Mentoring
Program Right Now!

Get your 13 on-demand video classes and two live one-on-one mentor practices by registering right now. Show us what you can do! $599.95

Book Your 15-Minute Consult
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Book a free consultation to ask any questions you may have about our program and get our feedback on whether this program is right for you.

Read More On Ken Rabow’s Mentoring Method

Our program makes a difference in the lives of young adults. .
Here are some case studies and overviews of select issues we address.


The Power of Mentoring in the Digital Age

Introduction to the challenges young adults face in the digital era. The role of a mentor in guiding young adults through these challenges. Real-life success stories from our mentoring program.

The Journey from Failure to Launch to Liftoff

Exploring the "Failure to Launch" syndrome. How mentoring provides the tools and guidance to overcome it. Testimonials from young adults who've successfully transitioned with our help.

Mentoring vs. Parenting: The Delicate Balance

The differences between mentoring and parenting. How mentors can bridge the gap between parents and young adults. Tips for parents to support the mentoring process.

The Art of Effective Communication with Young Adults

The importance of understanding and connecting with the young adults living in cyberspace. Techniques and strategies for effective communication. Case studies showcasing improved relationships through our mentoring method.

Building Resilience in Young Adults: A Mentor's Guide

The role of resilience in overcoming life's challenges. How mentoring instills resilience and confidence in young adults. Success stories of young adults who've bounced back from adversity.

The Mentor's Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success

Key skills every mentor should possess. Insights from your years of experience in mentoring. Tips and techniques for new mentors to hone their skills.

Navigating Mental Health: The Role of a Mentor

The rising mental health challenges among young adults. How mentors can provide support and guidance. Real-life examples of young adults who've benefited from mentoring during tough times.

The Evolving Landscape of Young Adult Challenges

A look at the changing challenges young adults face over the years. The adaptability of mentoring to address these evolving challenges. Insights from our program on staying updated and relevant.

Building Trust: The Foundation of Effective Mentoring

The importance of trust in the mentor-mentee relationship. Strategies for building and maintaining trust. Anecdotes from your mentoring journey highlighting trust-building moments.

From Critic to Coach: Transforming Your Approach to Young Adults

Recognizing the effect of criticism on young adults and the power of mirroring positive choices. How truly listening can bridge the communication gap and foster trust between adults and young adults. Practical strategies to shift from judge to mentor, a role that empowers young adults.

Read Ken's Books

Learn Ken's transformative mentoring method based on his work over the past 20 years. Begin with "The Slacker's Guide To Success", where Ken delves into the challenges faced by today's young adults. This book offers a firsthand look into the mentee's journey, from struggles like self-sabotage and anxiety to the path of empowerment.

Be first to receive Ken's upcoming book, "Mentoring Young Adults in the 21st Century." This resource will provide insights into the mentee's mindset, offering parents (and you) strategies and methods tailored for the modern age. Together, these books form a comprehensive guide to Ken's impactful mentoring method, bridging the divide between parents, mentors, and young adults.